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Health and Safety Training

Our health and safety trainings educate workers on their rights at the job, how to identify potential hazards, methods to eliminate those hazards, how to report an injury, and how to access Workers' Compensation in the event of a workplace injury. 


We advocate for workers' right to a safe and health workplace. In an effort to prevent workplace injuries and deaths, we push for the reporting of workplace fatalities and campaign to hold employers accountable. 

Disaster Preparedness

With the increase of climate and chemical disasters, there is a need to educate communities and workers who are affected by these events. Having received training from the International Chemical Worker Union Training Center, we are able to offer training to prepare workers in the event of disasters. 

Youth@Work Trainings​

As young workers enter the workforce, we believe it is important to educate them on their rights to ensure a long, productive life free of injuries. We partner with the Capital Region cities' Summer Youth Employment Programs to train young workers during their first summer jobs. 

Outreach and Education

We use outreach to educate the community-at-large about workplace health and safety issues. In the past, we have organized events showing the documentary 'A Day's Work' about a young man killed on his first day as a temporary worker. 

Workers' Memorial Day

Every year, around April 28 we honor those whose lives were lost on the job, and continue the fight for all workers. We partner with local labor groups and unions to sponsor a Workers' Memorial Day event, commemorating workers whose lives were lost in the previous year. 

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